Genewize Opportunity

This is an opportunity that is worth looking at. There are only few times in your life where the opportunity to be part of something ground breaking presents itself. You are looking at something now that has not launched, and is scheduled to be introduced to the general public on August 1, 2008. This is Pre-Launch, and we are literally standing at the threshold of a revolutionary opportunity right now. You are looking at this at the very, very beginning.

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We’ve been hearing a lot lately on the news and in the newspapers, in the articles, in books, about this genetic revolution that’s coming. For the past 50 years the words genetics, and genomic, and DNA have become more and more prevalent. GeneWize is poised to launch a company that is part of the genetic revolution. This company, 14 years old biotech company that is publicly traded, called Gene Link has finally decided, after all of these years of research and development to launch out into this field of genetic nutrition. After all of the research and all of the science and all of the science to degrees- the third party science- now we have the opportunity in Gene Wise Life Sciences.

“What do I really need for my nutrition?”
Based on a simple swab of your inner cheek, the DNA assessment is taken, and a genetically tailored mixture is made just for you. That’s right, just for you. For the first time, you’ll know exactly what your body needs and feel confident that your nutrition is assisting your body. We call it in this company, assess, don’t guess. It’s a very powerful way to do your nutrition today.

Companies and consumers know that one-size nutrition does not fit all. As a matter of fact, some statistics say that 2/3 of consumers don’t really get results from the supplements they buy, but there’s never really been a solution until now. This is breakthrough science. For the first time, your DNA personalized nutritional solution is now available. There are 177,000 plus combinations of ingredients that are scientifically created to increase your body’s ability to support your DNA. We have the solution to the problem, and we are first to market!

This is your opportunity to be part, again, of the very beginning.

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