Genewize is more than Great Science, it is a great opportunity

For the first time, your DNA personalized nutritional solution is now available. There are 177,000 plus combinations of ingredients that are scientifically created to increase your body’s ability to support your DNA. We have the solution to the problem, and we are first to market!

This is your opportunity to be part, again, of the very beginning.Learn More about Genewize

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What is the Genewize company background?

GeneLink, the parent company of GeneWize, is a 12 year old publicly traded company. They have invested millions of dollars in research and development and received several patents. There are over 500 peer-reviewed articles from GeneWize scientists who have been recognized for outstanding achievements in the fields of microbiology, medicine, genetics, nutritional sciences, nutrigenomics (nutrition and genetics).

In addition, the company has 3 years of experience in on-the-fly customization experience with its genetically guided skin care line that is currently being sold at high-end spas.

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Your Genetic Compass

“By examining a person’s DNA, which can be taken from the mouth with just a small swab or scraping device. It is already possible to predict the probability that a person will develop certain diseases. And soon, based on the recently completed mapping of the human genome, it should be possible to predict every forthcoming disease or condition not caused by external (i.e. diet and exercise) factors.

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Genewize Pre-Launch Meeting in Orlando

Tonight, Genewize presented some impressive information at their Pre-Lauch meeting in Orlando Florida.  Genewize is poised to launch its products nationally on August 1st, 2008.  Their message is simple; “Genetic Harmony” – by testing your DNA and identifying 12 key SNPs – Genewize creates personalized (genetically guided) supplements, perfectly  tailored for your needs.

What is a SNP?  Here is the technical explination

A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP, pronounced snip), is a DNA sequence variation occurring when a single nucleotide – A, T, C, or G – in the genome (or other shared sequence) differs between members of a species (or between paired chromosomes in an individual). For example, two sequenced DNA fragments from different individuals, AAGCCTA to AAGCTTA, contain a difference in a single nucleotide. In this case we say that there are two alleles : C and T. Almost all common SNPs have only two alleles. For a variation to be considered a SNP, it must occur in at least 1% of the population.

Genewize talk at length about “LifeMap” – the name of the personally engineered DNA Nutrition System

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DNA specific nutritional supplement

Imagine if you could tap into the newest technology; utilize your own DNA structure to formulate the perfect nutritional supplements for YOUR body.  Sound like the Future, but in fact the future is NOW!! GeneWize, a subsidiary of a publically traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.) is doing just that.  Genewize uses YOUR OWN DNA, gathered by doing a simple cotton swap of your cheek, and does an analysis of your actual DNA.  Based on the findings, they formulate a nutritional supplement built exactly for you, based on your DNA.

More on Genewize

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The Future of Health and Nutrition Right Now

The Human Genome Project ended a quest to map the human genome and began a revolution in health and wellness.

The ability to personalize and customize nutritional supplements based on your DNA and your lifestyle is now a reality.

GeneWize Life Sciences is the first to bring you the benefits of these advancements in DNA guided health and beauty products.

On August 1st, 2008 a 12 year old bio-technology company will launch a marketing division and create an opportunity for you to profit from the genetic revolution.

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Who is GeneWize Life Sciences?

GeneWize™ is a Health, Beauty and Wellness Products Company that provides the first individually customized, scientifically supported, nutritional and skin care formulations based on your personal genetic profile.

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